10 Raven Symone – Kicking They Straight Back On ‘The Scene’

Joan streams got effortlessly one of several funniest comedians previously! Even though many might think her humor had been also risque, Kelly Osbourne was not one of these. Kelly worked with Joan on ‘Fashion authorities’, in which she turned into near the comedian and her girl, Melissa. While Joan’s passing took a toll on Kelly, it is wonderful to find out that she can nevertheless discover a buddy in Melissa Rivers.

11 Miley Cyrus – Longtime Buddies

Similar to Kelly Osbourne, Miley Cyrus additionally broke from the world at a tremendously young age. Both be extremely close throughout the 2000s and are often spotted along at big musical functions and events. Kelly has additionally made it clear that she’s a huge lover of Miley’s songs, producing their connection a straightforward one.

Kelly Osbourne later on gone from ‘trends Police’, to ‘The View’. While the star e extremely near to guy co-star, Raven Symone. Neither Raven or Kelly take the tv series any further, however, their unique friendship remains since stronger because ended up being when they happened to be both giving her two cents on ‘View’ panel.

9 Katie Hopkins – Insult After Insult

It appears Katie Hopkins possess was able to also tick down Kelly Osbourne together with the numerous other celebrities and performers she actually is insulted. The two have obtained it out for example another when it comes down to longest opportunity. Katie makes many responses relating to Kelly’s pounds and look, and Kelly provides strike straight back just like tough contacting the lady a „cruel older lady”.

8 Christina Aguilera – A Dig For A Dig

Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera’s feud is undoubtedly among the lady greatest fights! The artist got generated feedback regarding Kelly’s weight in past times, which Kelly wasn’t happy in regards to. Relating to everyone Magazine, Xtina had been calling Kelly „fat for many years”, and Kelly got happy the ‘gorgeous’ performer have a taste of her very own medication once the mass media slammed their for gaining some pounds as well.

7 Dannii Minogue – You Shouldn’t Wreak Havoc On My Mother

As mentioned, Kelly and mama Sharon Osbourne tend to be heavier than thieves! The two safeguard one another and will constantly do so. Sharon Osbourne starred regarding Uk ‘X-Factor’ alongside Australian performer, Dannii Minogue, the two wouldn’t get on really, and boasts reported that Dannii didn’t heal Sharon all of that better. This demonstrably does not stay well with Kelly!

6 Giuliana Rancic – Efforts Friends To Be Effective Conflict

We have caused it to be clear that Kansas City singles Kelly will stick up on her buddies any kind of time considering second! This was made clear whenever Giuliana Rancic produced a rather critical comment concerning Zendaya’s appearance on ‘manner authorities’, which undoubtedly disturb co-host Kelly. She didn’t drop without a fight, providing Giuliana an article of her head.

5 Paris Hilton – Pals To Opponents

Paris Hilton and Kelly Osbourne comprise the „it” babes a long time ago! As the two shared outstanding friendship, they might be friends no. In line with the free, the 2 have been feuding for some time, nevertheless was not until they had a spat at Coachella many years back once again where Paris knocked Kelly regarding a VIP area! This seriously was the nail within the coffin for all the two’s relationship.

4 Luke Worrall – Bad Breakup

It is no shock to see Kelly Osbourne’s ex about this list! Luke Worrall and Kelly dated for a lot, however, circumstances grabbed a nasty change after Luke cheated on Osbourne. His cheating led to the 2 stopping their wedding and splitting last year. It’s clear to say that they have not produced amends.


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